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Most Commonly Asked Cake Questions

How much do wedding cakes cost?

Wedding cakes vary in price based on many factors including size, design, level of complexity and if you choose buttercream or fondant. On average, a fondant cake will cost about 25-30% more than a buttercream cake. As a guide, your investment with Bridal Select Cakes for a 3 tier buttercream cake is approximately $1100 delivered.

Do you offer gluten free, vegan or other items?

Unfortunately, due to health regulations, gluten free and other special dietary requirements are not guaranteed. In order for a business to claim to be 'gluten free' the premises in which the product is made needs to be gluten free. There is risk of cross contamination in a non-gluten free environment.

If you have guests with severe allergies, Bridal Select Cakes cannot accomodate this. Lactose free and vegan can unfortunately not be accommodated.

What happens if we have a lockdown and our wedding is impacted?

This is an issue which really throws a spanner in the works for many couples. Rest assured though, I will work with you to ensure you are looked after. You can find all the answers to this in the T and C's.

Can my florist add flowers to the cake?

I am a fresh flower specialist, trained by a Perth florist in the art of design and arrangement. Unfortunately, I do not allow florists to dress my cakes. I will liaise with your florist ahead of time to ensure we are ordering the same flowers.

When do we need to order?


As an exclusive cake stylist, bookings for Bridal Select Cakes need to be made well in advance. To avoid disappointment, bookings should be made at least two months before your wedding day for off peak season (June - September). Peak months such as January - April and October - December require at least  6 months notice for a Saturday wedding. (Bookings beyond 18 months, except for peak months, are not usually taken).

Do you copy other designs?

All cake makers will ask you to send them pictures of cakes you like. Though these images are great for letting me know your general vibe, I don't copy others work exactly. Cakes are art and I like to respect that for all cake makers.

What size cake do we need? Coffee or Dessert size?

This is the size which your wedding cake portions will be served. If you are having other dessert options, request a quote for a coffee portion (a smaller slice, usually served with coffee after dessert). If you will be serving your wedding cake as the formal dessert, you will need a larger slice. This increases the overall size of the wedding cake you will need. Tip: check with your venue about costs of serving your wedding cake as dessert.

Do you make fake/foam tiers?

No. I only work with all cake. Every cake you see on my website is all cake. 
There is actually a myth surrounding using fake cakes and it making your cake cheaper. The largest part of the cost in your wedding cake is in the time, skill and work that goes into decorating it. So, decorating foam is still just as much work as decorating cake.

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