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Ready to Book?

Making a booking with Bridal Select Cakes is easy. Katie makes the booking process seamless so you can focus on the rest of your wedding planning. 


Holding Deposit

At the time of confirming you would like to go ahead with your order, Katie will send you a holding deposit invoice. This is $150 and non-refundable. You can pay this via bank deposit or credit card. This deposit secures the date for you and the balance will be due one month before the wedding. 

It doesn't matter at this stage if you haven't quite decided on your cake size/design...Katie will give you a quote for what you have in mind and the final balance will be determined once you have settled on a cake. 


Confirmation Time

One month before the wedding you will receive an email from Katie, confirming all the final details for your cake. Things like size, flavour, design and flower selection all need to be confirmed no later than this date to ensure there is enough time for ordering supplies. 


Balance Due 

The balance of your cake will be determined no later than one month before the wedding and full payment is required by this date. You are welcome to pay your cake off in instalments if you prefer, however, the total amount must be paid no later than one month before the wedding. 


Wedding Day

Your wedding cake will be delivered on your wedding date to your venue at a time coordinated with you/your planner/the venue. 

Please feel free to contact Katie for availability and a quote for your cake. 

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